Hello and welcome to my little corner on the web! This site is my sandbox for all things web development—a place where I tinker, experiment, and learn out loud. As I explore new tech and functionalities, this space will grow and change. So, take a look around, see what’s new, and enjoy the journey through my development adventures!


  • christopherlei.com: Facelift

    With my trial of Cloudways underway, the first WordPress site that I would test out with is of course my own christopherlei.com. Instead of simply spinning up a new instance of WordPress and simply copying over my old theme files over, I decided to use this opportunity to rebuild christopherlei.com from the ground up. This…

  • Bye Bye GoDaddy Hosting

    Recently, GoDaddy emailed me to inform me that my web hosting would be migrated and that my products may be affected. Having been pretty frustrated lately with the performance of my websites hosted with GoDaddy, it was time to finally look at new hosting options. My initial thought was to simply switch to WP Engine,…

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